body love


"I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own skin" -Sandra Cisernos

...this also goes for every shape, size, color, religion, age, sexual preference, and culture there is. 

At Honest in Ivory we are committed to empowering our customers to actively practice body love and self love. We want women from sizes 00 to 32 to have a dress that is authentic to their style.  

So, when you're at the shop trying to find a dress and you tell us you want to get fit for your wedding? Awesome.

You want to stay exactly the same? Sweet.

You want to highlight a certain part of your body? Oh yeah.

Feel like you want more customization? We will try our absolute best.  

But, you want to bash your body in front of our mirrors? Not cool.

Someone in your entourage wants to give some not-so-constructive comments about a dress? Nope.

We celebrate our customer's differences and actively strive toward inclusivity each day. That number on your dress tag has nothing to do with your value or your beauty.