Alex (our own bridal stylist) + Taylor

By Alex Garnica

(Montvale Event Center, February 9, 2019)

The vision : The vision for our wedding was to mix Boho vibes with formal / black tie. We felt like this was an accurate expression of mine and Taylor’s personalities. We love to have fun and be surfer vibes / chill (lol), but we also love dressing up and looking nice. And so, our wedding vision was born!

The day of: The day of our wedding was full! Full of all the most wonderful people who we love most. It was full of anticipation, full of rest and also full of fun. Our hope was for fullness throughout the day, as we prepared with our bridal party and close family, as we promised our vows and as we reflected on the depth and meaning of love.

My advice for future brides: Pro tip for brides: The day can feel like it’s going so slowly leading up to the wedding! And then all of a sudden the ceremony starts and it is CRAZY FAST. Like I’m telling ya, our coordinator / best friend Kellie came up to us and was like “Okay guys, it’s time to leave.” And we were like “whattttt!!!”. It goes so quickly so focus focus and enjooyyy your time, with family, with buddies and together.

Photos: Josh Martin Photography (but seriously check out his Instagram) 

Venue: Montvale Event Center (Sammi and her team were AMAZING!!!)

Makeup: Kristen Dabbs of Blush + Ivory - The most perfect, calming presence on such a big day!

Food: Cochinito!! One of our most favorite restaurants in Spokane and they were sooo kind and helpful and did an amazing job catering our 175 person wedding! Justin and Travis are incredible!

Day-of Coordinator: Kellie Lovelace of WildWood Wedding Design & Coordination- She is so creative, artsy and the best at getting things done on time!

Hair: Haley Soliz

Cassie Cleary