Cliff Park + Tara Gown


By Susanna Brogan Photography

(Along Cliff Park on September 15, 2018)

The vision: Being that this was my first ever styled shoot, I was so over-the-moon excited I didn’t really have a specific plan going into it (great intro, right?).  I even forgot about florals until the day before! Thankfully, Fred Meyer had a decent selection of baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and other pretty foliage. DIY FTW! 

My initial idea was to pursue a bohemian styled theme for this shoot; darker tones, braids, bangles, and a dress to fit the bill. But all that kind of changed the moment I walked into Honest In Ivory. 

I felt like I had a flashback to when I was shopping for my own wedding dress. I vividly remember walking through the doors of David’s bridal (btw, where the heck were you 2 years ago when I needed you, Cassie?!) with a very specific style in mind.  I had seen the picture of the dress that I wanted, and I was going to find a dress that fit that picture in my head.

All that changed when I saw my beautiful A-line lace dress hanging on the rack. I just KNEW. I tried it on and the rest is history. That was pretty much the same moment I had when I saw the beautiful, beaded Lamour by Calla Blanche gown in Honest In Ivory. 

It screamed elegance and romance, and I had to have it for my shoot!

The location: I knew that I wanted the location of my shoot to be at Cliff Park, overlooking downtown Spokane at golden hour.  Although we didn’t have a magnificent sunset like I was hoping, the sparkling city lights and beautiful horizon made up for it!

The day of the shoot: My lovely friend and model Naomi arrived at my home late morning, and we began caffeinating and getting ready to head to Blush Salon & Spa.  My talented friend Samantha (owner and magic worker) turned Naomi into the most gorgeous boho beauty (future brides, check her out! She’s AMAZING). We then met up with another one of my good friends Kisha, a fellow photographer, and we all carpooled down to Spokane. 

We met up with the lovely Alex, one of Honest in Ivory’s bridal stylists with the dress, at the park, who graciously brought the gown and offered her services throughout the evening adjusting the dress, protecting it from the elements, and being an awesome veil flipper!  I can’t thank you enough, Alex! We shot until we had no more light, and ended the evening with dinner and drinks at Birdy’s Sports bar.  It was a day to remember, that’s for sure!

The dress: Tara from Lamour by Calla Blanche- Honest In Ivory.

The model: Naomi Miller

The hair/makeup: Samantha from Blush Salon + Spa

The camera: Canon 7D with 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art lens.

Cassie David