Edgy Elopment + Caden Gown

By Tess Farnsworth Photography

(May 13th, 2019 a random field in Medical Lake, WA)

What was the vision for your styled shoot?: I really wanted to do something that wasn't your typical "Spokane Shoot" and somewhat moody. So not a lot of smiling and a lot of badassry (I just made that word up).

How did it go the day of? : It was awesome! Everyone was super chill and willing to work together to create something amazing.

Venue | Random field in Medical Lake

Models | Edward Casto & Christie Bogle

Makeup | Maud Artistry 

Jewelry | Handmade by Christie Bogle (Workman's Daughter) and necklace is from Breezy Brown 

Dress | The Caden by Calla Blanche

Cassie Cleary