Elizabeth + Brett


(May 10, 2019 Merriman's Kapalua Maui, HI)

What was the vision for your wedding? : My sister got married in Maui so ever since then, I knew I too wanted a Hawaiian wedding. Hawaii is so gorgeous and tropical, the scenery itself is the perfect location for a wedding. My vision was to keep my wedding simple and just add accents of the beauty that Hawaii offers. Keeping my colors neutral; white, cream and beige, I added color with greenery. Plants like monstera leafs were the main color and detail I added. Keeping it simple we were able to focus on the beauty around us and celebrating our new marriage!

How did it go the day of? : Our wedding day was perfect. The weather was ideal; sunny and blue skies, my sister even saw whales jumping the morning of! Our ceremony was at 4:30pm so I had the whole day to relax and get ready with my mom, sisters and niece. I knew this day would go by so fast so I tried really hard to enjoy these moments with them and not rush (no matter how excited I was to see my new husband!!!). Stepping into my dream dress as my mom helped, she also gave me a pearl necklace to wear; the same one my father gave her to wear on their wedding. It was such a special and emotional moment we got to share with one another.

Walking down to our ceremony I couldn't believe this moment was here. I remember when both my sisters got married and now my time has come. Squeezing my dads arm as we walked, he helped calm my nerves and walk me to the man I love.

Our ceremony was filled with so much love, joy and emotion. It was exactly how I thought it would be. My husband truly is my best friend so half the time during the ceremony we were holding hands giggling and crying because we couldn't believe the day was here! After the ceremony, we took our couple photos and we were in our own world giddy and just happy we were married!! We met back with our family and friends and had an intimate dinner overlooking the ocean and the beautiful Maui sunset. It was the wedding of our dreams and almost every day I think how it was the best day of my life and how lucky I am to have married such a wonderful man who loves me so much.

What is your #1 tip to future brides?: The number one tip I could tell to future brides is to remember what is important. You might have an idea of how the day is going to go and that nothing can go wrong but... things happen!! So instead of worrying and wanting the day to go perfectly, focus on how special this day is for you. You are about to marry the love of your life, so instead of worrying, let it be and enjoy the moments that are to come. This is your day, so enjoy it and have fun! My husband and I put all our focus on each other and didn't let anything bother us because it was the best day of our lives! Take a moment with your new husband and really soak in what is around you. Step away from the chaos of a wedding and take in this special day together.

Everyone who was a part of my wedding made it so special! I cannot thank you all enough. xoxo

Bruna gown by Theia from Honest In Ivory
Heather Ann Photography (Heather Callanan)
Amelia Hair & Makeup Maui
Merriman's Kapalua
Bella Bloom Maui

Cassie David