Erica + Kevin


Wedding Date & Location: Belles on the Bluff, June 2019

What was the vision for your wedding? : My vision was a calm summer wedding with shades of blue and lots of flowers. And the wedding was exactly that. I chose my vendors specifically because I have worked with them in the past and loved them and there work or because I have only heard good things about them and wanted the wedding to run as smoothly as possible.

How did it go the day of? : My wedding story is a little different than most. My amazing father was diagnosed with colangiocarsinoma (liver cancer) this past year, he was given a timeline of 12 months. As the days with him got shorter we realized we didn’t have much time left so we kept moving the wedding date up. It went from September to August to June to finally we rushed and did it in April on the day my parents actually got married. My dad, like I had dreamed, walked me down the aisle and two weeks later peacefully passed. The second wedding in June went perfect like I had planned. The food was incredible, the flowers were breathtaking and the venue was more than a girl could dream. My mom walked beside me that day and we all honored my dad throughout the day. I will never forget marrying the man of my dreams for the TWICE and the memories of that day.

What is your #1 tip to future brides?: Let the little things go. Planning a wedding and being the bride is not easy but keep in mind the more you worry the less you will focus on the good. Stay calm and enjoy every single minute.

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