Frozen Idaho + Rosemary Gown

By Jordan Mikayla Chaffin of Jmikayla Photography

(Northern Idaho on Feb 24th, 2019)

The vision: Modern boho vibes, casual. The vision for this shoot came from a pair of earrings that I bought from a local CDA company called Nanamacs. They just so happened to come in the mail the same day the brown hat came in from Amazon, and I went “oh those actually look super cute together” and immediately knew I had to incorporate them into a more casual, boho shoot. The Ti Adora dress from Honest in Ivory was the perfect pairing for the more free spirited, modern boho look I was going for. The braided straps and crochet lace bodice was perfect. I had been saving a location I found in Idaho with a pebble beach for a styled shoot- I just knew this shoot was the one that had to be done at the waterfront to give it that perfectly carefree vibe.

The day of: This shoot may look like everything went smoothly but I promise you we encountered obstacles every step of the way. But you know what?! It was the perfect reminder to fearlessly pursue your goals, even if they aren’t easy. I had my heart set on a specific location but all of the roads were closed from the snow- so my sweet friend drove around with me for HOURS the day before the shoot to find this epic location, we *almost* got stuck in the snow but we finally found a way to get down to the water, shoveled a path for the models, brought hand warmers and snow boots and even though shooting didn’t start until AFTER sunset- we not only made it work, but we made it pretty darn epic.

The gown: Rosemary gown from Ti Adora By Allison Webb at Honest in Ivory

The makeup: Makeup by Evelyn Mauro

The hair: Heather Schmick

The florals: Fleurtations Floral

The model: Paola Rangel

The camera: Canon 5D Mark ii, lens Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 IS II

Cassie Cleary