How He Asked

We have had so many recent engagements here at Honest in Ivory lately, so we thought it was only fitting to do Honest in Ivory Stylists + Owner Edition of How He Asked. Here are 5 swoon-worthy stories that will just make your heart melt.

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Ruby, Bridal Stylist

Engagement spokane bride wedding

Hi Everyone! My name is Ruby and my Fiancé’s name is Matt. On January 5th, Matt surprised me with a date night in Liberty Lake. A bottle of wine later, we decided to pick up dessert on the way home. Being new to Spokane, I wasn't very familiar with the roads but could feel that we were going in the wrong direction. Matt insisted we were going the “back way” home but eventually broke down and said, “my dad picked up Charlie, I packed our bags, and we’re going out to the lake.” I instantly started crying because I knew what was about to happen. We got settled, cracked another bottle open, and Matt proposed in front of the fireplace a few hours later. It was intimate, special, and just the two of us. We celebrated with the family the following day and are getting married on September 28th in my hometown. 

I picked my dress the following month and knowing I wanted something fitted, sexy, and comfortable. You’ll have to stay tuned until September to see what I ended up going with!

Kylie, Bridal Stylist


So, Tyler and I have been together since high school. We headed to Mexico in the middle of March 2018 after the hardest month in our lives. Many of my family members try to go to Mexico every spring break when they can. We stayed at my aunts for a few day before about 10 of my family members drove to Mexico. We spent the first day around the beautiful beaches, swimming, and enjoying the scenery. Then before I knew everyone was getting ready for dinner and were slowly disappearing. Right when I started thinking it was strange I couldn’t find anyone my cousin came and told me to come look at the sunset. I walked outside and heard a band playing in the distance, my cousin looked back at me and I know something was up. I walk over to see Tyler with flowers, candles and a band in front of the most colorful sunset. He asked me to marry him with my family up above us watching and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We spent three more days celebrating in Mexico and then met my two best friends back in Arizona; it was the most amazing week of my life.

Aniecea, our Marketing Intern

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wedding engagement spokane photo

I would describe mine and Lu's relationship as super silly! We're both just a couple of young souls looking for an adventure and to enjoy all the giggles and laughs in life. When we met, we were inseparable and instantly became best friends. Now, we're running the streets of Spokane being amateur foodies and looking for the coolest hiking spots...and.... planning our wedding!! YAY!! The day he proposed to me was perfect, He was snowboarding with all his buds (or so I thought) and I got to hang with my two besties at our fav coffee shop in Spokane doing homework and chit-chattin all day! After, my friend had to go to the bank and grocery store (makes sense, I had no suspicion). Because it was raining all day and then stopped and got sunny, we decided to go on a walk from the grocery store in Kendall Yards.

On our walk we decided to go to a pretty overlook and there was Lu, waiting for me with the sweetest note he read and a ring in his pocket to ask me to marry him! After I obviously said yes, we had dinner reservations with all of our closest friends and family! Now comes the fun and all the excuses to go shopping! I get to look for my dream dress and be a princess! What I’m looking for in a dress are a few simple things. I love simplicity and want to stick with that, I have always wanted a v-back or somewhat of an open back and tank top straps. Most importantly I want it to be flattering and budget friendly for me! I cant wait to see Lu's reaction on our big day!

Alex, Bridal Stylist

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I got engaged after the store had only been opened 1 month! It was September 21st, 2018 and it was my 25th birthday. I had worked a full shift at Honest in Ivory (shoutout). I was pretty sure that later that night would be when Taylor asked me to marry him. I was still so brand new at the shop that I was too shy to mention anything to my coworkers. Taylor picked me up at work to go on a birthday date. We were heading to Coeur d’Alene (my hometown and our fav place to rest and be by the lake). We had dinner reservations at Fire Pizza, the same place we went on our first date. We were both small-talking and acting so awkward. We both knew what was going on. There were two gal pals sitting next to us having a nice friend dinner. They kept eyeing us - I’m guessing because we were being so weird (because we were both so nervous) but I guess they thought it was sweet or something haha. I went to the bathroom, mostly I wanted to give Taylor a little time in case this was the night and he was coordinating with someone to take pics or something. I can be a little bit of an over-planner sometimes.

**Taylor told me this after everything** when I left, Taylor started crying / full-on-bawling-crying because he’s so nervous. LOL. **Now that’s our favorite part of the story when we tell it.

I came back, we paid the check and started walking toward the water. We made a pit stop at the car (which I assumed was probably to grab the ring). Taylor said “he needed a jacket.” We proceeded to take a lonnnng, slowwwww, SILENT walk to the water. I kept thinking in my head - “this is crazy, this is happening!!!” We walked about halfway around the CDA Resort Boardwalk and sat at the benches on the corner. I thought, “This is it!!”. We had had some sentimental talks at these benches in the past so I thought “this is perfect”! Then, I saw Taylor moving his head a lot… almost as if he was talking to someone… from afar. ! Aha, I knew! It’s definitely happening! We then got up abruptly, walked about thirty steps past a garbage where I saw an oh too familiar friend of mine who is also a photographer. Haha, they miscommunicated about the spot. Then, suddenly, Taylor stopped us. He looked me in the eyes, and said: “I was going to write this down… But I thought it would be better, if I said it from the heart.


Then he was down on one knee with the sweetest most perfect ring we stumbled upon one day when we were resizing his watch. I said “yes!” He picked me up and hugged me. A huge sigh of relief came, and my photog buddy Christine popped out to be the first to congratulate us (along with a couple guys who were watching from across the Boardwalk -*shoutout to those guys!*).

We celebrated just the three of us because Taylor knows me and I wanted a low-key proposal and he had planned a big birthday / surprise engagement party the next night with all our local buddies! YAY!

Cassie, Our Owner

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engagement honest in ivory owner

The whole proposal was such a mystery because I feel like my fiancé Thomas, inceptioned me and made me think the whole thing was my idea. Two weeks ago (April 28, 2019), I decided to take the day off (which I never get a chance to do) because it was going to be such fantastic weather. We have a crazy puppy dog who we wanted to take on a walk. When he asked me where we should go for a walk he chose Palisades Park but I said ‘what about Bowl & Pitcher?’. We have been together 6 years, and I will say there were a few other times I thought maybe he was about to propose and it didn’t happen, so the morning I kind of had a fleeting thought then blew it off. We get to Bowl and Pitcher that morning and somehow Thomas knew exactly which little trails to take to get closer to the best spot on the water, which should have been very suspicious because we have only been there a few times previously. After only ~20 minutes walking he said, “Oh, I am hungry, let’s eat lunch now” (also suspicious now looking back at it). We got down towards the river and when I looked up from looking in the cooler bag he was pulling a ring out of his coat pocket.

He asked and then immediately pointed upwards to a large rock overhead where two of my closest friends who actually live in Seattle where hiding and taking photos. I cried a little (just kidding, I was a wreck). After some more photos and popping champagne, I suggested that we go up to my parents house and tell them. He said very casually, “Yeah, sure that’s a great idea”. When we walked into the door of my parent’s home there were 30 of my closest friends and family there for a surprise engagement party. Again, barely any tears (lies). It was intimate and included everyone I love. I am still kind of in shock about it and I am now to excited to experience this whole being-a-bride thing just like our customers. Cheers!!!

Cassie David