Kelsey + Ian

(July 5th, 2019, Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Idaho)

What was the vision for your wedding? : As an outdoor enthusiast couple getting married outside in a beautiful place was a high priority. We quickly ruled out venues that couldn’t accommodate our large guest list of friends and families and were over the moon to find Schweitzer had a holiday weekend open and ready for the whole party. Dreaming up a mountain wedding was easy to draw inspiration from the scenic view, rustic lodge, and relaxed atmosphere. Keeping our wedding as local as possible helped us pick family friends, local business owners, and friend referrals as vendors. We felt the simplistic style of our vision let us shine and highlighted the natural beauty of the day.

How did it go the day of? : As a bride and groom could hope, our wedding day was truly the best day ever. My day started with a bridesmaid yoga session overlooking lake Ponderay, setting the intention for a day filled with love and celebration. From getting ready to riding the chairlift with loved ones, an emotional ceremony, taking communion, and a dance part that carried us through the night we both were on cloud nine for 24 hours and more. All the personal details, heart felt toasts, and our comfort in the venue made for pure excitement and joy.

What is your #1 tip to future brides?: If there’s something you really want for your day even if it’s non traditional, takes extra time, whatever! Make sure you find a way to do it.

Honest in Ivory gown by L’amour

Picturesque Photography
Schweitzer Mountain Resort
DJ Traks - Thomas Shaw
Funny Booth Photo
In Bloom - Tia Rojan
Kia Fields - Cake
Izzy and Justin- Video
Everything else was done by friends and family.

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