Moody Fall Shoot +Lavonne Gown

by Alexandra Hoskins, AlexandraRae Photography

(October 23rd, 2018)

The Vision: Moody. I tend to sway that way with my photographs. I have a love for anything that pulls emotion into the photo. From the facial expression to the use of the light. We shot this around Halloween so I knew I wanted to use the fall colors in our bouquet (they're also my favorite color combinations EVER). We tried to pick a location that had no buildings and had sort of an eery feel. I love dead grass and trees so the area that we chose made my heart sing!

The Day of the Shoot: Michelle ROCKED the hair and makeup! She was absolutely wonderful! Kayla, who had never modeled before, totally stunned me and knocked it out of the park. Shawna did an amazing job on the florals, as always. My crew of ladies was just amazing and totally made my vision come true. We were having so much fun that we ran out of light, but that didn't stop us from getting more shots. A few of the girls used their iPhone flashlights and made the photos come to life. Again, I couldn't have asked for a better day, a better crew and a better experience.

The photographer: AlexandraRae Photography

The flowers: Shawna Hultberg (Northwest Boulevard Safeway, SPOKANE WA)

The location: James T. Slavin Conservation Area

The model: Kayla Krall

The gown: Lavonne L’amour by Calla Blanche from Honest In Ivory

The hair and makeup: Michelle Celone (Manes by Michelle)

The camera: Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 35mm lens

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