Post Falls Park + Virgo Gown

By Heidi Patin, Through His Eyes Create

(Somewhere along Post Falls Park on November 4, 2018)

The vision: Edgy. Romantic. Texture. Dark. Tattoos. Fall Colors. & of course, the golden retriever puppy. These were the ideas and concepts I based this shoot around. Before planning any other details, I picked the lovely couple, Kurin and Aidan. The day of the session was their one year wedding anniversary, so I wanted the shoot to match who they are as a couple. I’ve worked with these two amazing souls in the past, and I’m obsessed with their vibes, who they are, and everything else! I based the entire shoot around the two of them. I wanted their personalities, relationship, and appearances to speak through the images. So, after determining these details, I started to plan the other aspects of the shoot; MUA, dress, florals, location, and such. Kurin is an AMAZING makeup artist, so that detail was figured out incredibly quickly. Kurin and I went dress hunting at Honest and Ivory on Halloween and we had a blast! The dress we ended up choosing was the first she tried on. Talk about fate! I found the amazingly talented Lina on Instagram and fell in love with her beautiful floral arrangements, Bloom & Design. She could not have created a more beautiful bouquet and floral crown for the shoot. She nailed it with edgy, romantic looking florals, and those powerful deep reds! Completely glorious! I may have started screaming when she sent me photos of the florals before the shoot.

The day of the shoot: The actual day of the shoot was a little crazy, a little scary, and a whole lot of fun! My sister, her boyfriend, and my dog named Prince all hopped in my car early on Saturday morning, jammed out to music, and ate lots of road-trip snacks. From Coeur d’Alene, we drove to Spokane to pick up the dress, the florals, and head to location. After driving over two and a half hours to get to location, we found out the Mt. Spokane Park was closed for the season! (Talk about a major ‘oops’. The website hadn’t been updated yet). So, plan B had commenced! Speeding like madmen, we made it over to Post Falls Idaho just in time for the perfect lighting. We hiked down into the valley of rocks, climbing over steep cliffs and almost slipping a few times, (this was the scary part I mentioned) but we made it safely! Kurin was probably my favorite part of the whole day. She wore some crazy striped leggings and her Ugg boots under the dress! I freaking loved it. From here, everything was perfect. We jammed out to some great music, hiked all around the rocks, laughed a ton, and enjoyed the company of my adorable golden retriever. He loves being in the lime-light, and he is quite the dog model. He loved having his photos taken, and I thought it added a fun dynamic to the anniversary photos. My sister took video content of the entire day, so the next thing I’m looking forward to is creating a fun behind the scenes video! Stay tuned!

The venue: Post Falls State Park

The photographer: Through His Eyes Create, Heidi Patin

The models: Kurin and Aidan Emerick

The makeup artist: Kurin Emerick

The florals: Bloom & Design

The dress: Vigro by Wtoo from Honest in Ivory

The camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Cassie Cleary