Seattle + Dani Rose Gown

By Danielle Raney Photography

(Natural Light Studio in Seattle, WA Oct 18, 2018)

The vision: When planning this stylized shoot, I really wanted something that would represent my photography style and brand. Bohemian/Industrial while also keeping things simple to really have the dress and bride be the focal point. Minimal props and a simple studio brought my vision to life.

The day of the shoot: The shoot went seamlessly! My model Kirsti, who is a friend from my sorority (GO COUGS) was so amazing to work with and needed little to no guidance, which made my job so easy. I had an assistant help me move around furniture, take behind the scenes videos and photos, and get everything prepped and ready for the model. It was so fun to get to work with friends, and was just a super cool and laid back shoot (aside from the fact that I decided to sit on a stool which broke right in the middle of shooting and I went tumbling to the ground lol).

The venue: Natural Light Studio in Pioneer Square

The dress: Dani Rose gown by Calla Blanche from Honest in Ivory Bridal Shop

The accessories: Sara Gabriel

The model: Kirsti Bakker

The assistant: Kyra McHugh

The camera: Shot with the Sony a7R Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera Primarily shot with ISO: 400, shutter speed 200, aperture 2.8 Switched between a 35mm & 50mm lens 

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