Stephanie + Ben

By Stephanie Grieving

Date & Location: My wedding was on a crisp fall day up at Greenbluff on November 17, 2018. We couldn't have asked for a sunnier day in the middle of November in Spokane. And this time of year was great for a Greenbluff wedding as the major venues are closed so the bluff was calm without much traffic.

The dress: I first saw my dress online after perusing the designers that I knew Honest in Ivory carried. It was the only dress that I sent a picture of to my maid of honor. Being a friend of owner Cassie David, she told me she had that dress in stock and could order it in my time frame (my engagement was only 2 short months!) It was the first dress I tried on at my appointment and I loved it. I tried on a handful of other beautiful gowns, all very different styles, but knew that one felt the most like "me." It was confirmed when Cassie put a veil on me and my mom teared up :)

Plus it was comfortable to move and sit in, and I knew I wanted to actually be able to eat some food on my wedding day!

The vision: My husband and I both wanted a smaller wedding, even though we both have large families. He is from Iowa so once we decided to get married shortly after our engagement, it meant most of his extended family wouldn't make it to the wedding. We both love the outdoors and rustic features and really wanted our wedding to be Christ-centered. We stumbled upon the perfect little white church at Greenbluff with the grange across the street in one of the most beautiful areas of Spokane. It was a dream come true. With the church being small, we had to limit our guest list which was tricky but it meant we got the smaller, more intimate wedding we had both always hoped for. Plus we are doing another reception in Iowa this Spring for his family - which is an excuse to wear my dress again!

The vendors:

Ceremony: Greenbluff Community Church

Reception: Greenbluff Grange

Food: Outlaw BBQ Catering

Dessert: Sweet Frostings Blissful Bakeshop

Photography: Carrie Allen Photography

Videography: Back40 Media

Hair and Makeup: Lauren Schultz (friend of the bride)

Dress and Veil and hair piece: Della gown from Willowby at Honest in Ivory, Lauren Veil from Sara Gabriels at Honest in Ivory

Maid of honor and Mother of the bride dresses: Sorella Vita gowns from Honest in Ivory

Flowers: Costco

The day of: I woke up and was able to relax and take my time in the morning before my mom, maid of honor, and makeup artist came over to my house to help me get ready. My dad and brothers and groom were at the venue frantically attempting to set up the last few decorations (think tall farm boys tying tulle and burlap ribbons!). Once I arrived at the venue, my photographer was ready to start taking pictures. I got into my dress and the day was off. I had already panicked the day before about my flowers being hot pink when they were supposed to be light purple, not knowing if we would have enough chairs, etc. So the day of I was relaxed as I knew it was all going to work out fine. As long as we were married by the end of the day, that was what really mattered. I was so excited for the first look and to see my family and friends. After the ceremony, we had so much fun greeting everyone, eating great food, and dancing (only a tiny bit - we both do not like to dance!) It was a day full of sunshine, excitement, and a ton of fun. 

My advice:

There are probably 3 things I would say to future brides:

1. Yes, you can pull off your dream wedding in 2 months. It is possible and frankly I enjoyed the challenge. There are so many small details that I realized most people will not notice about your wedding day, so don't sweat those small things.

2. While you're not sweating the small stuff, stay relaxed! Enjoy your wedding day and remember to pause for a bit with your groom and just look out at all of the people who care for you and love celebrating your marriage. As long as you are married by the end of the day, every thing else will be absolutely fine.

3. Do a receiving line! Following the ceremony, we walked back down the aisle, signed our marriage certificate, then greeted everyone as they left to go to the reception. It was the best way to talk to everyone who came to the wedding and that way they won't all bug you while you are trying to eat! 

Cassie Cleary