Let’s be totally honest...

Wedding dress shopping is not as easy-peasy as it may seem on tv shows...

There are some pre-appointment pro-tips we wish we could tell you. So, we did.


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for the bride



Trust us on this one, you’ll really only want to bring the few people who you know will be supportive, insightful, and get your style. It’s a great idea to discuss these things, maybe over a happy hour, or maybe brunch, with those who are going to accompany you to your appointment. This way, you can hit the ground running. We kindly ask that you leave little ones at home! We do love em’, although a shop with delicate trinkets and white dresses can be a recipe for a disastrous mess for kiddos.


To keep our sample dresses absolutely clean and flawless, please do not wear any perfume, lotion, or heavy makeup. You’ll want to feel beautiful and confident while you try on, so consider just light makeup and an easy hairstyle similar to what you envision wearing on your wedding day. If you have heirloom accessories, like your mother’s veils, or your grandmother’s earrings, bring those along to try on with gowns too! Bring your own shapewear, like Spanx, or other nude underwear. We do not allow outside food or drinks. After your first round of complimentary mimosas, you may bring one additional bottle of champagne with you from home to open.  Cheers!


Look through our designers page, and our designers websites, to get a good idea of our shop’s collection and price points. We love when bride’s come with pictures, or pinterest pages, to show your stylist what you are looking for. Have that conversation about budget with whomever you need to before you come. It can really stink when a bride just starts trying on any dress they love and then come to find out the budget is vastly different than what they had in mind. 


Each appointment will have their own personal stylist. Our gals are the best at getting creative and listening to the vision you have in mind. Once they greet you, your stylist can take you over to our Bubbly Bar, and we will provide a round of complimentary signature mimosas, with flavors changing each month (check out our instagram @honestinivory to see!) Then you’ll get a chance to peruse our curated collection of designer gowns while your stylist and your party tries to pick out a top few (3-4) dresses to try on first. Remember, our gowns are sample sizes, varying from sizes typically 8-20. We have some tools and tricks to make sure a gown can fit you so you can really see what one in your actual size would fit like.


Bridal gowns typically run 1-2 sizes higher than maybe the clothes you have at home. It might shock you or seem frustrating, but these numbers are really just for our stylists. When you are ordering a dress, we STRONGLY recommend ordering a dress for the size you are at the time of ordering. Its much easier to take a dress in than it is to let it out. 


This might happen for a few key reasons. 1) You hadn't really narrowed down what you were looking for yet. Solution: Go back and really starting looking at websites, wedding photography, or Pinterest to get a better idea.

2) You and your family disagrees, thus confusing the heck out of you. Solution: We are always unequivocally TEAM BRIDE. Your wedding is a celebration of you. We think a bride should wear the exact dress SHE wants. This means a tough and honest conversation is warranted with those that might disagree with you. Stand up for yourself! You don't want to look back and realize your dress is appeasing others and doesn't make you truly happy.

 3) You just cannot decide during your appointment and want to sleep on it. Impulse buys are not your thing. Solution: We totally get this situation too. Some women really want to think about it. We suggest scheduling another appointment with us right away so that you give yourself a definitive timeline to mull it over. Real talk-you do really need to keep in mind your timeline. We strongly recommend women shopping for the dress 10-12 months before the wedding to allow time for the dress to be made, shipped, and altered. It is quite the process. There are rush shipping options, but not on all dresses all the time. 


This is not some cheesy sales ploy, but we really do think it's beneficial for our brides if they come into their appointment ready to buy. Why? It's so easy to be overwhelmed if you haven't done your homework or really narrowed down your vision. Hopefully, just looking at our designers and our website can help you decide if our shop fits your style. Oh how we love the sweet internet and Pinterest that allows our brides to have millions of styles at their fingertips. When prepared, you’d be surprised how often a bride purchases one of the first dresses she tries on at our shop. Sometimes less is more; so, if you come with a vision and style in mind and we can show you the specific dresses in your price range, color, and style. Then we've just got to find you your perfect wedding dress that you’ll wear to marry the love of your life (goose bumps.)

P.S. We do offer a cash/check discount if you chose to pay with one of these methods and avoid out credit/debit card processing fee.


Don't use what you've seen on TV shows, (i.e., the over-the-top emotional reactions, crying, and tissues galore) to be the #1 gauge for whether or not you decide to buy a gown. Don't get us wrong, we love this and definitely keep plenty of tissues on hand, but it doesn't always work out that way. And that's not a bad thing. It may just be a really warm, positive vibe you get in a dress, where you feel beautiful and confident. You might not be a crying type of person, and who cares! That doesn't make it any less special of a moment. 


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for the bridesmaid



If you, the bride, are bringing your bridesmaids for the first time to shop our collection, then we kindly ask you to keep your group small as our shop is cozy and intimate. Each try-on area can accommodate 6 people comfortably. If you have more than 6 people, we will schedule 2 appointment dressing rooms, so just let us know.  


Similar to our bridal appointments, we kindly ask that our bridesmaids who are trying on do not wear any lotion, perfume, or heavy makeup. Please bring your own nude bras and/or shapewear. 


You’ll have your own stylist and a round of complimentary mimosas! We carry a curated collection of bridesmaids styles, therefore we will have a limited number of sample sizes.  We will do our absolute best to show what a style would look like on each bridesmaid. You can also check out the designer’s website too! 


Please call to schedule an appointment for a bridesmaids fittings (15 minutes). When you order, we recommend ordering the exact size you are that day. Most of the time, alterations are to be expected. It is so much easier to take a dress in than it is to let a dress out if you order a size that is too small. Ultimately, it will you be up to you to make the final size decision. 


We strive to give an unparalleled shopping experience for our customers, as we eat, sleep, and breathe bridal. When you shop at our small business, an actual person does a happy dance! And, we absolutely love when our customers take pictures. We designed a rad shop and think that this should be the most delightful and memorable experience, so snap away. We LOVE reposting our customers photos. Tag us on facebook or instagram @honestinivory.